The routine that helped me lose 5 inches from thighs

This was my daily routine. I lost 5 inches from my thighs with it. You need to follow these exact steps to get the same great results! And remember, the female metabolism is very different. Diets that work for men, can make a woman accumulate weight!

How to lose 5 inches from thighs fast

One of the things I really recommend FOR LOSING THIGH FAT is a massage brush.

This is a great tool, because massaging your thighs and butt, will increase blood flow to your lower body and break down fat deposits from thighs.

For the best results, I recommend to use it daily with any cream – even olive oil or coconut oil are great! This will also help you lose weight from thighs, and if you want a complete guide to lose thigh fat, check out this page!

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lemon water - the fastest way to start to lose 5 inches from thighs– morning: drink a big glass of lemon water (at room temperature), after 5 minutes, my morning exercise routine -( only 10 minutes of : stretching, some abs and squats; this is not my regular workout, only a morning short workout that increased my blood flow and metabolism). After that 40 grams of oat cereals with light yogurt and fresh blackberries ( just a little yogurt and blackberries), than a shower…. and to work! salad for losing 10 pounds in a week

– early lunch: a big salad, light cheese (not to much) and grilled meat, olive oil.

carrot and fruit salad for weight loss-late lunch: a fruit salad mixed with 2 of the 8 veggies that burn fat like crazy!

During all your meals try to eat only the 8 veggies that kill thigh fat and that are proven to burn fats and make you lose weight!

– my workout (usually around 5 pm, you can do it every time of day):  it should be 45 minutes. After, a small protein shake ( with at least 85% protein) mixed with water. grilled fish veggies for 10 pounds weight loss

– dinner:  grilled fish with grilled vegetables ( boiled are just fine, but as much as possible, they should be close to raw). ..This meal should not weight more than 1/3 of a pound! If you are really hungry, add a small salad made only with lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers, olive oil.

how to lose 10 pounds in a week with beet, celery and carrot fresh juice– drink 2-3 litters of lemon water in between and fresh squeezed  juice: again, I try to go for veggies instead of fruits, and the ones that are the best for weight loss; because they are low in carbs, have a lot of antioxidants and clean your liver of toxins, they will boost metabolism.

– every evening and throughout the day, more lemon water.

my daily supplements; it’s important to consume daily multivitamins and also a natural metabolism booster like Garcinia Cambogia.

garcinia cambogia, appetite suppressant, best natural appetite suppressant, best weight loss pills, how to lose weight fast, dietary supplementEven though many people stay away from weight loss pills, there are some that are really great for your body. For example Pure Garcinia extract, reduces blood sugar and cholesterol level, while at the same transform all the calories you consume into energy, this way stopping weight gain.

Studies have also shown that people who consume at least 1500 mg of Pure Garcinia extract rind fruit per day, for at least 30 days, reduce their body fat and increase their lean muscles.

If you are interested in Pure Garcinia extract, be sure that what you buy is 100 % natural, is made in US and has a money back guarantee.

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As you can see, no sweets, no cookies, rice, potatoes, pasta, breads or snacks!

The most important aspect for you if you want to lose thigh fat fast is perseverance. No matter if you are lazy, don’t feel like exercising you need to stop excuses and keep going forward.

So, my advice to you is to start losing weight TODAY!  Don’t wait another day…. at least create the schedule TODAY and start tomorrow, but take action today !!!! You can do it! And with the cellulite brush, your thighs will get slimmer in no time 🙂