Will losing weight heal hemorrhoids?

What are hemorrhoids and will I get rid of hemorrhoids if I will lose weight?

Hemorrhoids and weight lossHemorrhoids are described as veins occurring in the rectum. They form right inside the anus and often extrude through the anus, leading to external hemorrhoids that may be quite painful and cause lots of discomfort.

When you happen to experience painful bleeding or burnings after bowel movement, you might be having hemorrhoids or piles. You can watch the video below as it shares a natural hemorrhoids treatment plan.

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Can losing weight heal hemorrhoids?

However, many people have been asking: Will losing weight heal my hemorrhoids? The answer is simple. To reduce your hemorrhoids problem, you should lose weight. This is one of the natural remedies through which you can get rid of the dreadful condition.

Being obese or overweight may contribute to the development of hemorrhoids. The extra pressure that’s placed on the abdomen because of excess pounds as well as waste materials will cause unnecessary pressure to be placed on your anal veins. You should incorporate high fiber foods into the weight loss plan so that you can take the pressure off your body.

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However, one caution is that you should not continually use laxatives to lose weight since this is considered as an unhealthy alternative.

There are a number of exercises you can do to cure the condition. Increasing blood flow to your anal area, may help prevent as well as treat hemorrhoids. Jogging, walking and swimming are also recommended exercises that not only help you lose weight, but also increase circulation of blood. Other exercises include Kegel exercises which work on your pelvic area muscles, helping in strengthening anal muscles. Try also doing yoga exercises.

Hemorrhoids and eating fats

Fats basically take longer to digest as compared to other types of nutrients. Therefore, eating too much of fatty or greasy foods will increase work for the digestive system and this may not only lead to risk of heartburn and stomach pain but also developing hemorrhoids or making them worse.

You should avoid deep-fried foods like fritters, funnel cakes and corn dogs while you are suffering from hemorrhoids. You may also cut the whole fat content of your diet, particularly saturated fat by using less butter or oils, and switching to healthy fat like coconut oil.

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How to lose 10 pounds in a week for women

Losing 10 pounds in a week for women does not require any woman to turn her own world upside down. For you to accomplish your weight loss mission, you need to learn some useful tips that will help you all the way. Otherwise, you will end up being unsuccessful in your quest to lose 10 pounds fast and in the healthiest ways.

How to lose 10 pounds in a week for women at home

coconuts oil for losing 10 pounds in a weekTo lose 10 pounds for women, diet is one of the most important things that ought to be factored for significant results. Everything you usually eat that is unhealthy and fatty should be substituted with a better healthier alternative or completely cut off. However coconut oil is something that every woman should consume on a daily basis if she wants to lose close to 10 pounds in 1 week. Each woman should consume a tea spoon of organic coconut butter/oil per day to increase burnings.

The following dieting tip calls on women to indulge in taking high fiber foods which include:

Vegetables and fruits for losing 10 lbs fast

Start including vegetables in your everyday diet. Most of the vegetables you eat usually play a very crucial role in losing weight, for example carrots, onion and cucumber. Next, make fruits part of your diet too as they contain very high concentration of fiber which helps you to remain full by after just taking a few of them.

Whole Grains for weight loss success

Whole grains aid in cutting out fat for individuals wanting to lose weight and they are also very healthy. For example, you can try out whole grain oatmeal, brown rice, muffins and bread as most of them are also not very rich in calories hence keeping you on track.

Exercise for dropping 10 pounds fast

Exercise boosts your chances of losing 10 pounds in a week or in the shortest time possible. It is important for you to to find time to exercise daily for about thirty minutes whether at home or in the gym. By doing so, you will force the body to dig deep into the fats stored in tissues in order for it to gain the required energy during vigorous workouts and exercises.

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Effects of Fasting for Weight Loss for Women

While making an effort to lose weight fast for women, one might consider the option of fasting. However, one ought to be aware of the dangers associated with the practice of fasting for weight loss. Research indicates that prolonged fasting might not be an effective way of how to lose weight fast since it can be detrimental to one’s health.

Before you consider fasting, watch the video below as it will teach you some great tips for weight loss.

Fasting and weight loss

healthy-foodBelow are some of the ways how fasting can affect one’s body.

1. Fasting for Weight Loss can Increase Stress

During fasting, the body goes into a self preservation mode to help it counter starvation. It begins to slow down the body’s metabolism as it increases the production of cortisol; a stress hormone produces by the adrenal glands. In case one suffers from a particular illness or even stress, the is often large than usual amount of cortisol within the body. This high amount of cortisol causes one to experience physical, emotional and even mental stressed.

2. Fasting Damages One’s Muscles

During fasting, one fails to consume any or enough food, thus causing the cortisol to try and release specific amino acids from the muscles and in turn convert them into sugar. The sugar is then fed to the brain, the kidneys and the red blood cells since it is essential for their proper functioning. However, by releasing the amino acids, cortisol usually breaks down ones’ muscle tissue. Loss of the muscles can lower down weight loss since the muscles are vital for burning excess fat in the body.

3. Fasting Causes Health Related Problems

Prolonged fasting can deplete the supply of vital nutrients in the body like carbohydrates, vitamins and fatty acids among others. This trend can lead to the development of a variety of health related issues such as fatigue, dehydration, constipation, headache, dizziness, hypoglycemia, muscle weakness, anemia and mental confusion and many more. In case one is suffering from some form of health problem, it would be advisable not to fast since the individual can become susceptible to the damaging effects of fasting.

One can avoid the effects of fasting by adopting simple lifestyle changes that can help to lose weight for women and maintain it. They include establishing a time to stop eating especially at late night, a wise selection of liquid calories, eating high volumes of fruits and vegetables and substituting whole grain for refined grains among other alternatives.


The Landmark II Restaurant North Woodstock, NH – One of the best healthy restaurants from NH

In this article I want to speak a little about my visit to the The Landmark II Restaurant North Woodstock, NH and the foods that I enjoyed at one of the best healthy restaurants from NH, and at the end I embedded a video about a few principles that can help you lose fat fast especially if you are a woman.

I decided to write this article because I searched the restaurant on Google, and there aren’t too many info about the restaurant, except one bad review from someone who was not happy about the food. And since I love the food they have, I really consider that this is really unfair as this would scare people, and instead of having a great meal at The Landmark II Restaurant North Woodstock, lots of people would chose other restaurant which are not healthy and where most of the food is precooked.

LANDMARK II RESTAURANT NORTH WOODSTOCK, NHTwo weeks ago, while on a small trip to the White Mountains, me and my husband decided to revisit the The Landmark II Restaurant from North Woodstock, NH since it is one of our favorite places to eat in the White Mountains. We really love the place because all the food is homemade and made from scratch, and if you want to eat healthy and lose weight fast, there are a lot of great dishes to choose from.

The Landmark II Restaurant from North Woodstock, NH serves a lot of Greek and Italian specialties, but also, a lot of American specialties, cooked in the old fashioned way. All the food is homemade and a lot of the ingredients are organic and imported from Greece.

What we ate at The Landmark II Restaurant North Woodstock, NH – Are these foods good for weight loss?

chicken souvlaki plate at the The Landmark II Restaurant North Woodstock, NHI always recommend having something raw with your meal, so I had a great Greek salad with Souvlaki Chicken Breast. It was served with Tzaziki sauce, Greek Dressing (low calorie) and rice. Even though there were over 600 calories in the plate and a combination of carbs and protein, which is not something I recommend for weight loss, I loved it. And if you are a woman who wants to lose weight, I really recommend a cheat day, every week, so this dish was great for that cheat day.

The chicken was marinated with olive oil and a few Greek spices, was really tender and since it was grilled, it tasted really great. The Tzaziki was made with Greek Dressing and their Feta Cheese was imported from Greece and was organic. It was the best feta cheese I tasted in my entire life! More healthy weight loss can be seen in this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z-nsFre6PXI

moussaka at The Landmark II Restaurant North Woodstock, NHMy husband had the Mousaka. Now, this is not a weight loss dish! A serving has about 800 calories, at least at The Landmark II Restaurant North Woodstock, NH, but honestly it is a dish that you should really try. It is made with potatoes, eggplant and zucchini, a meat sauce with cinnamon and nutmeg, and a sweet milk and Parmesan cheese sauce on top. It was served with a Greek Small salad and it is simply delicious. Every time my husband has it I feel sorry for not having one as well, but I have to keep my silhouette :)))))

Andreas Solomos - owner of The Landmark II Restaurant North Woodstock, NHRight when we asked for the check, Andreas Solomos, the owner remembered us from a previous visit to his restaurant and came to say hello. He gave us 2 pieces of homemade Baklava. It is simply delicious, at least the way he makes, but I only had 2 bites as it has too many calories, but my husband had my piece as well!

Andreas opens the restaurant in early June and closes it at the end of October. The is also the main chef of the restaurant, and he is all day long inside the restaurant, to assure that his customers get the best food and service possible.

I will surely go back to the The Landmark II Restaurant from North Woodstock in the end of September with all my family. Can’t wait!!! You can eat there even if you are on a weight loss diet plan!

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7 Low Calorie Snacks for Losing weight quickly

losing weight quickly snacksWhen it comes to losing weight quickly, one could opt for the unreliable supplements that flood the market to help in weight loss or in a simple and convenient manner, one could make a tweak to their lifestyle and be on their way to getting the best shape that you have always dreamed off.

One way of losing weight quickly for women is watching the snacks that you eat. Not many have low calories but these seven are ideal in your journey. See them below, and then, at the bottom of the article, Watch my video, because I will share with you for FREE, the diet plan to follow for 7 days so that you easily lose 5 pounds.

Eat these 7 snacks daily for losing weight quickly

Non fat yoghurt.

Not only is yoghurt a good source of protein but it also contains good bacteria that are pivotal on maintaining the health of your gut. An ounce of yoghurt contains only 150 calories and also 3 grams of fat and also contains other important components like calcium. To learn some more tips to help you increase your metabolism, watch this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z-nsFre6PXI

Beef Jerky.

An ounce of beef jerky carries about 80 calories and 12 grams of proteins. Not only is this an ideal and healthy snack to get your daily dosage of protein from, but it also extremely low in fat containing only one gram of fat in the same serving. However, be careful since some contain high amounts of sodium therefore you ought to read the label carefully.


Skipping meals is a no-no but what the heck. Most people still skip it anyway. However, instead of skipping the entire meal, a fruit smoothie would be a good substitute. The good thing about smoothies is that they contain as many calories as some of the healthy foods and will keep you full for longer and keep your hands of those risky snacks while keeping the hunger pangs at bay.

Peanut and nut butters.

Time and time again you have heard people that want to lose weight mentioning peanut butter. This is because it is highly reach in protein and has a capability of keeping you full for longer. The best thing about it is that you can even have it on its own but you need to watch the amounts.

Sun flower seeds.

These do not need a lot of introduction when it comes to health. However for the sale of those that might not be aware, they contain about the same nutrients as nuts. Ensure that you pick those that are salt free or those that don’t have the shells as these can diminish the weight loss benefits of the seeds.


The stand out factor that people attempting weight loss should be aware of is that they contain mono unsaturated fats. These are vital in lowering the cholesterol levels and clearing your arteries. Additionally they are uniquely rich in proteins. In other words they also keep you fuller for longer.


Easily one of the most popular snacks is also among the healthiest for those that might want to learn how to lose weight. Popcorns are high in fiber and have quite low numbers in calories. You need to be keen once more and read the packaging since some contain lots of sodium and fats but those that are air popped are the best.

Now, if you really want to lose weight fast, you should watch the video below because it teaches you exactly how to lose 5 pounds in a week and shares for FREE the diet plan to follow for the next 7 days.

With these easily accessible snacks, now you know what you need to substitute for that donut or chocolate bar or better yet what to commit yourself to for better weight management and for losing weight quickly.

How to lose 20 pounds in a month with the best diet and exercise plan

With the busy work schedule many people have these days, they lack time to exercise and hence struggle with weight problems, so this article will teach you how to lose 20 pounds in a month, and so give you a good start for your weight loss journey. First watch my video below, and you’ll learn exactly how to lose 20 pounds in a month directly from me.

If you want to lose weight then you need to have a good diet and exercise plan. The best diet and exercise plan for losing 20 lbs in a month entails a balanced low carbohydrates diet and exercise for at least three times a week.

How to lose 20 pounds in a month tips

Balanced exercise

how to lose 20 pounds in a monthThe exercises for weight loss should include a full body, balanced training routine. This involves compound exercises targeting the movement patterns of the upper part of the body pushing through dumbbell bench press and upper body pulling by a seated cable row.

The lower body movement will require a lunge or a squat. When starting out these exercises, the sets and reps should be not less than 3 sets of 15 reps. Have a workout regime of about half an hour to 45 minutes and exercise on an empty stomach in the morning. Such a plan will cause a huge metabolic shift that lead to the burning of more calories.

Non exercise physical activities

These are calorie burning activities that are different from a planed exercise. This includes: walking to work, gardening or any day to day activity that increases you rate of metabolism. In order to lose 20lbs in one month, you must create opportunities for such activities. When going to work you can take the lift instead of the lift and while returning home you should alight from the bus at least two bus tops earlier. Such activities supplement the amount of time you dedicate to the gym and hence you get to burn more calories.


You can not train very hard and then eat the wrong diet; this will not help to reduce your weight as fast as you want. Feeding on a lower carb diet is the best approach in getting good results quickly. You need to earn your carbohydrates, by taking them after hard training. Meals should have proteins and healthy fats in form of fish, coconut oil and avocado. Green vegetables are also healthy for they contain very lower content of calorie.

Having three meals in a day, with a few snacks such as cottage cheese is healthy. You can also have a schedule where you eat scrambled eggs and beans for breakfast, three apples per day, drink a protein shake four times per day and drink more water everyday. Lastly, take fresh lemon water and add a glass of beet root juice and carrot to remove toxins from your body.

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Lose weight effortlessly – Some Essential Tips lor losing 40 pounds

Not everyone has time to exercise even though this is essential for losing 40 pounds fast , so this article will give you a few tips for losing weight without exercising.

Also there are people who are not willing to make effort to lose weight. In these circumstances appears a question: how to lose 40 pounds without any effort? The good news is that there are ways for weight loss which don’t involve exercise.

Increasingly more women are wondering how to lose weight without exercise. Here are some tips that can help you lose 40 pounds without exercise and effort.

How to be losing 40 pounds fast for womenfoods for losing 40 pounds fast

Start each meal with a glass of water – hydration will give you the feeling of satiety, which means you’ll eat less. In addition, it is recommended that when you wake up to drink a cup of water, because the body is dehydrated overnight.

Take some replacements – for example, you can replace the cheese you eat with goat cheese. It has 40% fewer calories than curds. Another tip would be to replace the water with green tea sometimes. It contains substances that improve metabolism and stimulate fat burning. And for dessert, you can use a piece of dark chocolate instead so sweet cakes. Great for losing 40 pounds 🙂

Be careful with meals . Try to trick your stomach by choosing smaller plates. Thus, you will have the feeling that the portions you eat are greater. Another tip would be to cut your food into small pieces.

Find a reason of joy every day . If you laugh for 10-15 minutes a day, in a week you will burn about 300 calories. What could be easier than to lose weight by being happy?

Prepare your salads effectively . Olive oil will give you much faster the feeling of satiety, while acetic acid from vinegar helps the body burn fat faster.

Leave the stress away. When you’re stressed, your body releases certain hormones that increase your glucose levels – an excellent fuel for the body. This fuel is converted to abdominal fat. Also the stress tends to exacerbate the feeling of hunger.

Rest properly. A study published in the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics has confirmed that sleep is beneficial to weight loss. This happens because fatigued people tend to eat in excess. Rest is essential for your health and beauty.

No alcohol. Like sugar, alcohol has a major impact on leptin levels. For this reason, this strongly influences your appetite. Studies have shown that alcohol increases appetite so , quit this habit. Here you can get more tips on losing weight in 2 months on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tZ4JR22Xqa4.

Getting rid of extra pounds never seems very easy: involves a lot of discipline. However, there are some tricks with good results. So, if you are among the women who are wondering a lot on losing 40 pounds without exercise, now you have the answer.