How to lose weight fast – 5 tips for losing over 50 pounds

If you are tired of not looking the way you want to, if you desperately want to get back in your skinny jeans, if you want to know exactly how to lose weight fast, and somehow you feel stuck, because you still have 50 pounds to lose, this article will be your perfect guide to achieving your weight loss goals! It will teach 5 tips to lose 50 pounds really fast!

But just by reading it, things won’t change… It’s all about how bad you want it! If you lose 20 pounds in the next 3 weeks, will you be able to enjoy life more? Would it be worth the effort? If yes, keep reading, because this tips come from my experience, and if they helped me, I’m sure they can do the same for you!

Before you learn how to lose belly fat fast, you need to understand why the ugly fat accumulates on your belly and the rest of your body.

If you find yourself  stuck and lately, and lately you haven’t lost almost any weight, even though you are working hard, it’s because your two main detoxification organs are overwhelmed with toxins…that’s right, you guessed it: your liver and your colon. Since this happens over a long period of time, your liver and colon become sluggish, slowing your metabolism. Guess what they also do? Shuttle excess toxins into fat cells. In most people, this fat is shuttled mostly to your belly, but also on your butt,  thighs and arms!

And if you are wandering why does all that fat go to your belly, is because of your genetics. In many situations, even people that eat very healthy, have a little fat on their belly. Why? Because if your liver gets older it slows down your metabolism, and that way if you’re genetically programed for accumulating belly fat and thigh fat, you will have problems in these areas, even if you exercise!

But the good news is that using these 5 fat loss tips you can win over those bad genetics and lose your belly fat and thigh fat in weeks, and lose over 50 pounds quite fast.

The 5 weight loss tips to lose over 50 pounds

How to lose weight fast – tip 1 – Clean Out Your Liver

how to lose belly fat fast and thigh fat - cleaning liverIndividuals who have sluggish livers are likely to display any or several of the following health issues:
– High cholesterol and triglycerides
– Non-insulin dependent diabetes (Type II), insulin resistance, or Syndrome X
– Weight gain, especially around the abdomen and thighs
– Difficulty losing weight
– Immune system dysfunction

The liver operates like a complicated filtering mechanism, breaking down fat and cleaning out substances that can harm the body. To accomplish this, it uses a substance called “bile,” a greenish (sometimes yellowish-brown) liquid that  cleanses the organs and blood. The bile fluids are recirculated throughout the entire enterohepatic system up to eight times each day.

It is critical that the liver regulates fat metabolism efficiently. If it fails to do so, weight gain will occur and fat  accumulates in all the wrong places—usually in the belly region and thighs.  For a person to lose weight, the overall composition of this circulating fluid should be low in fat and/or toxins; otherwise, excessive weight gain results as the body reacts naturally to these chemicals.

One thing you can do right now to clean your liver is to drink lots of lemon water each day.  Make sure that the water is warm, at room temperature at least because it helps with digestion. The benefits of warm lemon water are:

– Aids in digestion and waste excretion
– Promotes immune system and heart health
– Rich in beneficial calcium and potassium minerals

A video will teach you how to clean your liver fast and easy: the foods and drinks that have the cleanse effect! So, first go ahead and watch my video below, as it will teach you everything you must know about losing 50 pounds in a few months.

How to lose 50 lbs fast – tip 2 – raw foods diet and juices

remove belly  fat and thigh fat with raw foods dietNowadays, the soil is so depleted of nutrients that a peach taken from a tree 50 years ago has 10 times the nutrition of a peach today. Juicing gives you a super load of antioxidants, minerals, and
phytonutrients to fight off the fat from your belly and thighs.

It is a great way to get in lots of nutrients in a small amount of time, and sometimes the only way to meet the recommendations of 9 to 13 servings of fresh fruit or vegetables per day.

Our body is designed to stay “alkaline,” which means the blood needs to be less acidic, and the body will try to keep its alkalinity. When we consume acidic foods and drinks, stop exercising, and have negative emotions, our body is overrun with acids. This causes major dysfunctions and leads to obesity and a host of other illnesses. When the body is acidic, it also holds onto fat, and stops you from losing weight !
When the liver is sluggish, these acids and toxins are shuttled to fat cells, where they are stored. (Can you see why it would be hard to get rid of this stubborn belly fat?).

To become “alkaline,” start focusing 70-80% of your diet on alkaline foods and try to limit or eliminate acidic foods. Back this up with three to four liters of good quality, clean, filtered water each day, and you will be very pleasantly surprised by the way you feel. Also if you start avoiding the common mistakes that stop people from losing weight (you will learn them later) and through away all the junk food from your house, you’ll start seeing how the fat from your belly and thighs is reducing .

How to drop fifty lbs in a few months – tip 3 – eat special foods that burn fat

how to lose 50 pounds fast by eating the right foodsThe first three letters of “DIET,” spell…”DIE.” That is what happens to your metabolism as you yo-yo on and off the many popular diet plans. Each time you “fall off the diet band wagon,” it becomes harder to get back on.

Here’s why: When you drastically cut calories, your body goes into starvation mode. Your metabolism slows to a snail’s pace because it anticipates a period of famine, and it is trying to conserve. This natural response makes it difficult to lose belly fat or fat from the rest of your body. To compound this problem, your body then dumps the most energetically expensive tissue muscle! So you end up losing muscle and storing fat, the complete opposite of what you need to do to lose weight.

These food groups are proteins and fibers containing complex carbohydrates. Your digestive tract needs exercise, and it expends energy just like you do. When you eat whole foods, or foods that are in their natural state, your digestive tract has to burn calories to break down the food, which in turn increases your metabolism.

Proteins have the highest thermic effect of all foods. Complex carbohydrates come in a close second for metabolism boosters.

Also, take 40 grams of fiber per day for LIFE! Fiber is good for clearing your digestive tract of toxins and it also keeps your bowels moving. The most important aspects about losing 50 pounds fast, can be watched here:

How to reduce 50 lbs – tip 4 – help your body with the right supplements

start taking good supliments to lose belly fat and thigh fatThere are very few supplements you really should take for dropping 50 pounds. Americans spend $35 billion a year on weight-loss products and supplements. Diet pills are definitely not something you should put into your body.

The use of a good, quality multi-vitamin will not make you lose weight all by itself, but it will make your body’s systems more efficient to burn fat. When you feed your body the proper building blocks, your fat loss will increase ten fold. The more active you are, the more fuel your body demands, and this increases your need to supplement.

A good quality fish oil is critical. This might be the most important supplement you need, since we are so deficient in Omega-3. It is a natural anti-inflammatory, it helps suppress cortisol, it increases fat burning, and it enhances weight loss. Krill Oil is the best on the market right now. You also need Extra B Vitamins, green powders and a few more, about which you will learn soon!

How to lose 50 pounds – tip 5 – do the right workouts and exercises

Exercising has the following benefits:
– Increases weight loss by 1,000 %.
– Can change your DNA: If you are blaming your family for you being overweight, research shows that you can change this. (Watch the TV Show Biggest Loser)
– Builds and tones muscle.
– Turbo charges your metabolism so it can burn fat all day long and boosts your energy by 300%.
– Decreases stress levels: lower cortisol levels.
– Improves brain function: increases your memory, attention span, and your learning ability.
– Reverses the aging process.
– Improves your self esteem and self confidence, and lowers your depression.

If you want to lose belly fat fast, as long with all the excess fat from your body, and drop over 50 pounds, first you need to develop muscles. While muscles give us the metabolic ability to burn calories every time we move, their real advantage is that they constantly feed on calories, even when you are sitting at your desk typing up that last minute report for your boss.

Fact: Every pound of muscle burns 40 to 120 calories a day just to sustain itself.

Fact: Every pound of fat feeds on only one to three calories per day.

One thing you need to understand! You can’t lose only belly fat or thigh fat. You’ll have to lose the excess weight from all your body. And then, if you focus and exercise more on your thighs ( I only speak about thighs because it has been scientifically proven that the more you exercise for your abs, the less they will show, and that for example just by working your thighs more, your body will burn belly fat faster too), you will see that ugly belly fat reducing so fast!

And the most important part: you need to actually take action; watching some videos or reading a book, won’t make a difference. You need to take these 5 steps and make them a part of your life and act daily towards your goal to lose weight. My name is Heather Jameson, and by working really hard every day towards my goals, I managed to lose 70 pounds in 4 and half months. The secret? Create a daily routine, and follow it every day!

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The last thing I need to to ad, is that It’s ok to ask for help and to follow other people’s advices and steps, even before and after photos,  as long as they are experts. I was stuck for a while, my life was a disaster, but because I asked for help, I managed to bring balance to my body and get back in control. I lost so much weight, increased my confidence and and became a person that I am proud of.



The Foods that burn fat and boost your metabolism

As I told you before, in my videos, articles and emails, I ate a lot of foods that burn fat, boost metabolism and that helped me lose weight easier. By eating these foods long term, I became healthier and also lost a lot of weight.

If you are wandering what happened to me the answer is simple…. I kept eating healthy and followed my daily exercise routine for a few months.

We all know that protein and veggies burn most fat, and that if we eat them daily, your body will simply feel and look younger and we will also lose weight. But which are the foods that burn most fat? Wouldn’t you want to eat only those?

Now, if you are a woman who really want to lose a lot of weight, and want to do this as fast as possible, you should know that just by eating foods that burn ft, you won’t be able to lose 5 pounds in a week. You will also have to do some other things, which are all described in the video below! So, go ahead and watch it, because ou will also learn a few great weight loss tips for women.

The great news I have for you, is that Mike Geary, a health expert and nutritionist, a person that I have been following for a long time just wrote a great article about  “The Fat Burning Kitchen – the foods that burn most fat” and from what I’ve seen so far, by implementing the advices and tips in the article, every woman can lose weight, get rid of cellulite, feel and look younger, and achieve these so much faster. I’ve read the article, also bought his latest book and it completely blew my mind.

You’ll discover the foods that burn fat and if your kitchen contains:

Fat Burning Foods ?                            OR                                               Fat-Storing Foods ?
foods that burn fat

…plus 23 “health foods” you need to avoid. You may be surprised that many of the foods in your cabinets that you thought were “health foods” are actually making you fatter…and you’ll the foods that help you burn fat faster that you could imagine and cost under $1….

To learn more about these foods that simple burn fat, so that you can easily have them at home, I suggest you go to this website and read the article, which is filled with great info on how to lose more fat easier.

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More weight loss tips in here

My weight loss routine AND how to lose 10 pounds in a week

In this post you will learn how to lose 10 pounds in a week easily, and I will show you how I did it and give you the exact routine I followed, so just copy it! I will explain what I ate, drunk, the exercises that I’ve done and the supplements I took!

how to lose 10 pounds in a week, how to lose weight fast for womenIf you manage to lose 10 pounds in a week, your confidence will be so high that will keep you motivated long term, and even if you don’t feel like working for your weight loss goals, you will stay focused, eat healthy and exercise.

The photo in the left is all about my transformation. I lost 70 pounds in 4 months, because I created a daily routine and followed it daily!

How to lose 10 pounds in a week? How to start?

Here’s what I did when I started… First I took the decision that I will do this for 3-4 months no matter what, because my goal was to lose 70 pounds … Once I understood that I am a woman and I need to follow a weight loss schedule designed for women, I was so released.

I started drinking lots of water with lemon juice, to clean all my system of toxins. salads to lose weight

At the same time I followed a raw foods diet and I started exercising….special exercises designed for women.I used to eat around 1300 calories per day ( mostly sources of fibers, raw veggies and protein sources: grilled chicken or fish, protein cookies).

The most important thing is to create a routine with all the actions you have to do every day: what will you eat and drink, for how long you will exercise and what exercises will you do…., so I took a journal and wrote down all the things that I had to do each day.

Also I eliminated all the junk food from the kitchen. This is the only way you can lose weight fast and lose 10 pounds in a week. This way I lost 70 pounds in 4 and half months!

CELLULITE BRUSH AND WOMANOne of the things I really recommend is a massage brush.

This is a great tool, because massaging your thighs, butt, stomach area and even arms, will increase blood flow to these areas and break down fat deposits.

For the best results, I recommend to use it daily with any cream – even olive oil or coconut oil are great!

I bought mine on Amazon, and since they are on sale for only $12, go chem them out. Here is their Amazon link!

The routine for losing weight fast!

This was my daily weight loss diet. You need to follow these exact steps and eat no more than 1200 calories per day.

lemon water - the fastest way to start your 10 pounds weight lossmorning: – drink a big glass of lemon water (at room temperature), after 5 minutes,

– one of the intense morning workout routines

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– breakfast: 40 grams of oat cereals with light yogurt and fresh blackberries ( just a little yogurt and blackberries), than a shower…. and to work! salad for losing 10 pounds in a week

early lunch: a salad, light cheese (not to much) and grilled meat, olive oil.

snack 1: a small fruit salad mixed with 2 of the 8 veggies that burn fat like crazy in the women’s body : carrots or celery!

snack 2: my favorite Protein Cookies. containing lots of protein and only 150 calories. To get some, go to Amazon. There are many great offers out there 🙂grilled fish veggies for 10 pounds weight loss

dinner:  grilled fish with grilled vegetables ( boiled are just fine, but as much as possible, they should be close to raw). ..This meal should not weight more than 1/3 of a pound! If you are really hungry, add a small tossed salad made only with lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers, olives.

how to lose 10 pounds in a week with beet, celery and carrot fresh juicedrink 2-3 litters of lemon water in between and fresh squeezed  juice: again, I try to go for veggies instead of fruits, and specially the ones that boost female metabolism, like beet root and carrots.

every evening and throughout the day, more lemon water or green tea.

coconuts12 ingredients that must be in your daily meal plan are: coconut oil and cinnamon. These 2 are so essential for weight loss and must be consumed daily, because they increase the body’s ability to burn fats!

You can use coconut oil/butter for all your cooking and if you don’t cook try to consume 2 tea spoons of coconut butter – take one in the morning, one in the afternoon. It has a great taste! And cinnamon, can be sprinkled on fruits on in your tea or coffee!

Click here to download the diet plan for losing 5 pounds in a week – opens up as a PDF file

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my daily supplements, filled with antioxidants, vitamins and nutrients that double metabolism.

There were 3 products I took: all natural, and very good prices.

garcinia cambogia, appetite suppressant, best natural appetite suppressant, best weight loss pills, how to lose weight fast, dietary supplementThe first one is Garcinia Cambogia. There are many Garcinia extract products, and mostly are really low quality, are not 100% natural and have only 1000 mg per serving and that’s why they don’t work for weight loss. However, the one I chose was made in US, it was around $25 and I bought it from Amazon.

I was really happy with them, and that’s why even now I take them, cause I feel great, have lots of energy and helps me prevent emotional eating. Check them out on Amazon, in the link below! ==>

I also took regular multivitamins for women and Omega 3 – made from krill. You can try any multivitamins, as long as they are natural and made in US.

The truth is that I followed this routine for over 4 months and lost over 70 pounds. Because we are women, one day per week, you can forget about this routine and eat almost anything! Do not go over 1700 calories in that day!

The most important aspect for you if you want to lose 10 pounds in a week and a lot of weight in the next months is perseverance. No matter if you are lazy, don’t feel like exercising you need to stop excuses and keep going forward.

So, my advice to you is to start TODAY!  Don’t wait another day…. at least create the schedule TODAY and start tomorrow, but take action today !!!!

Here’s my favorite 1200 calories daily plan.


And my favorite 1100 calories meal plan below. If you follow these 2 plans for 1 week, drink lots of water, do the workouts daily in the morning and eliminate the fat gain bacteria from your body, you will surely lose 10 pounds in 7 days and lose all the fat you want!

1100-calorie-menu for losing 10 pounds in a week

Can women really boost metabolism? YES! All they have to do is follow these 8 keys revealed on out homepage  You see, a woman’s metabolism uses 1300-1400 calories per day in average. If you could burn 2000 calories per day, even if you eat 1700 calories per day, you will lose a pound of fat in 10 days without doing anything. So check out our homepage==>How too boost metabolism for women.

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My mistakes and foods to avoid when trying to lose weight

If you read my story, I am sure that you know that I was desperately trying to lose weight fast, but because I was doing so many big fat loss mistakes, in 6 months I only lost 7 pounds. I couldn’t understand why and I almost thought that I will never be able to lose weight and become sexy again. You can watch my story first…

The first reason why I simply could not lose weight was overeating and binge eating. I could follow a diet plan for 5-6 days and then, I could eat over 3000 calories at a meal. Yes, I was binge eating…. I simply could not stop eating until I was so stuffed that I felt like I was gonna explode. And I hated myself afterwords… I used to feel terrible once this happened…

It took me 6 months to learn how to deal with this food addiction, however you can do it much faster if you eat enough protein daily. In fact you can get results even after a few days; You could be 2 pounds lighter by tomorrow, if you eat enough protein today

You see, when I understood that I was doing so many mistakes that were preventing me from losing weight, I was so relieved…

My mistakes when trying to lose weight

My first big mistake was that I didn’t know that hormones play such an important role in weight loss. This is the most important thing for losing weight if you are a woman. Once you understand how to fix the One Hormone That Controls your Body’s Ability to Burn Fat – LEPTIN, everything will change. And results will show! IF you have Leptin on your side, your metabolism simply doubles and you will lose weight fast.

The second big thing I realized was that if my liver and colon aren’t clean, they can’t metabolize fats and can’t take toxins out of my body and that’s why instead of losing weight I was accumulating weight.

The liver operates like a complicated filtering mechanism, breaking down fat and cleaning out substances that can harm the body.

To accomplish this, it uses a substance called ―bile, a greenish (sometimes yellowish-brown) liquid that cleanses the organs and blood. The bile fluids are recirculated throughout the entire enterohepatic system up to eight times each day. For a person to lose weight, the overall composition of this circulating fluid should be low in fat and/or toxins; otherwise, excessive weight gain results as the body reacts naturally to these chemicals.

losing weight key  -the liverIt is critical that the liver regulates fat metabolism efficiently. If the liver becomes dysfunctional in any way, the fat deposits will accumulate and almost certainly remain on the body. Over time, as the body ages in years, more toxins (and fat) overburden the liver and its filtering function is impaired.

lemon water - the fastest way to clean your liver
lemon water – the fastest way to lose weight

Cleaning your liver is can be easily done by drinking lots of water with vitamin C. In my case, and what I suggested you in the video, was lemon water. Another thing that helps, is eating mostly raw veggies.

The third big mistake I did when trying to lose weight was that I was eating a lot of foods that contain calories and transform into fat, and since I was eating them, I couldn’t lose weight. I mean carbs… Now I know that if you take 80% of your calories from protein, you can lose up to 1 pound of fat each day…

Foods to avoid when trying to lose weight

These are the foods that I was eating and now are out of my diet.

White Flour Based Foods – I was eating bread daily, cookies, pasta, pizza. I loved things that came from the bakery. Now, I only eat bread, but in small quantities. You will learn how much of these you can eat.

Processed Meats – I loved bacon, ham or ground beef. The problem is that these are full of nitrates and other additives that were toxins for my body.

Trans Fats – At the age of almost 35 I realized that Trans fats are a form of fat that is created through the process of hydrogenation and is often added to snack foods and frozen foods to increase their shelf life. You will learn a trick to quickly identify the foods that have Trans fats and that way, avoid them!

Sugar Filled Beverages – I have to admit that I wasn’t drinking soda, but I was drinking many other so called natural juices, which I now know that contain a lot of sugar. You will learn a few drinks that you are drinking every now and then, that are also so bad for you. You will learn all the beverages to avoid and all other foods to avoid when trying to lose weight

The fourth big mistake was that I was eating too many fruits. Fruit is full of fructose, which is much more readily transformed to fat inside the liver than glucose is. So when you are eating a lot of fruit, it is being stored as fat. This could be a reason why people who eat healthy can’t lose weight.They are eating too much fruit!

Fruits like grapes or bananas exits the liver as fat, so it doesn’t cause those insulin spikes. And I loved eating these 2.  They also low glycemic, and contains fiber and lots of vitamins and minerals, so I didn’t eliminate fruits from my diet, but I now eat it in moderation. About 150 grams per day, not more.

What to eat when trying to lose weight quickly

The best way to approach this is to just eat more raw veggies and a little bit of fruit every day. Your liver will be happier and your weight loss efforts more successful!

The fifth big mistake I did was that I wasn’t taking any dietary supplements. And when you want to lose weight fast, your body needs more vitamins and nutrients, Omega 3…. And nowadays, only through your diet, it is simply impossible to assure the quantity your body really needs . That’s why we need natural dietary supplements.

The sixth big mistake was the fact that I was doing mostly cardio, which does not really help in fat loss. The way I exercised I almost never worked out my muscles. That’s why I train differently and all women who have followed my new workouts have lost more fat than with double the cardio.

The seventh big mistake I did while trying to lose weight was that I wasn’t drinking enough water. Our bodies are 70% water, which is the most vital nutrient in our system. While you can survive for only about seven days without water, you can live at least 17 days without food. Every physiological process in your body uses water. It is required to transport nutrients, regulate temperature, and build tissues.

Probably the most powerful weight loss tool is water because it suppresses the appetite naturally and helps the body metabolize stored fat. Studies have shown that a decrease in water intake will cause fat deposits to increase. I was drinking only 2-3 glasses a day, instead of 2-3 litters, which is what I drink right now.

Start tomorrow morning! Drink at least 3 liters of water!And learn how to boost your metabolism. Check out my article ==>How too boost metabolism for women.

And if you haven’t watched my video on how to lose weight fast for women, make sure you watch it here:

Here’s my video about how to lose 30 pounds quickly and easily for women below!

I hope you will avoid all these mistakes. And, don’t wait another day!