The Landmark II Restaurant North Woodstock, NH – One of the best healthy restaurants from NH

In this article I want to speak a little about my visit to the The Landmark II Restaurant North Woodstock, NH and the foods that I enjoyed at one of the best healthy restaurants from NH, and at the end I embedded a video about a few principles that can help you lose fat fast especially if you are a woman.

I decided to write this article because I searched the restaurant on Google, and there aren’t too many info about the restaurant, except one bad review from someone who was not happy about the food. And since I love the food they have, I really consider that this is really unfair as this would scare people, and instead of having a great meal at The Landmark II Restaurant North Woodstock, lots of people would chose other restaurant which are not healthy and where most of the food is precooked.

LANDMARK II RESTAURANT NORTH WOODSTOCK, NHTwo weeks ago, while on a small trip to the White Mountains, me and my husband decided to revisit the The Landmark II Restaurant from North Woodstock, NH since it is one of our favorite places to eat in the White Mountains. We really love the place because all the food is homemade and made from scratch, and if you want to eat healthy and lose weight fast, there are a lot of great dishes to choose from.

The Landmark II Restaurant from North Woodstock, NH serves a lot of Greek and Italian specialties, but also, a lot of American specialties, cooked in the old fashioned way. All the food is homemade and a lot of the ingredients are organic and imported from Greece.

What we ate at The Landmark II Restaurant North Woodstock, NH – Are these foods good for weight loss?

chicken souvlaki plate at the The Landmark II Restaurant North Woodstock, NHI always recommend having something raw with your meal, so I had a great Greek salad with Souvlaki Chicken Breast. It was served with Tzaziki sauce, Greek Dressing (low calorie) and rice. Even though there were over 600 calories in the plate and a combination of carbs and protein, which is not something I recommend for weight loss, I loved it. And if you are a woman who wants to lose weight, I really recommend a cheat day, every week, so this dish was great for that cheat day.

The chicken was marinated with olive oil and a few Greek spices, was really tender and since it was grilled, it tasted really great. The Tzaziki was made with Greek Dressing and their Feta Cheese was imported from Greece and was organic. It was the best feta cheese I tasted in my entire life! More healthy weight loss can be seen in this video

moussaka at The Landmark II Restaurant North Woodstock, NHMy husband had the Mousaka. Now, this is not a weight loss dish! A serving has about 800 calories, at least at The Landmark II Restaurant North Woodstock, NH, but honestly it is a dish that you should really try. It is made with potatoes, eggplant and zucchini, a meat sauce with cinnamon and nutmeg, and a sweet milk and Parmesan cheese sauce on top. It was served with a Greek Small salad and it is simply delicious. Every time my husband has it I feel sorry for not having one as well, but I have to keep my silhouette :)))))

Andreas Solomos - owner of The Landmark II Restaurant North Woodstock, NHRight when we asked for the check, Andreas Solomos, the owner remembered us from a previous visit to his restaurant and came to say hello. He gave us 2 pieces of homemade Baklava. It is simply delicious, at least the way he makes, but I only had 2 bites as it has too many calories, but my husband had my piece as well!

Andreas opens the restaurant in early June and closes it at the end of October. The is also the main chef of the restaurant, and he is all day long inside the restaurant, to assure that his customers get the best food and service possible.

I will surely go back to the The Landmark II Restaurant from North Woodstock in the end of September with all my family. Can’t wait!!! You can eat there even if you are on a weight loss diet plan!

And now, because I promised, if you are a woman, and want to lose weight, just watch my video, because it will teach you how to lose 5 pounds of fat in one week!

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