How to lose 40 pounds in 2 months for women

Losing weight is not possible without a perfectly planned diet, so this post will teach you exactly how to lose 40 pounds faster with diet, so first watch my video below to learn what are the steps to take.

how to lose 40 pounds in 2 months, lose 80 pounds in 6 monthsA well planned diet program enhances your chances of losing weight. Well if weight loss is one of the tasks on yours checklist, then the following is a diet plan that can help you accomplish that task way more effectively.

To begin with we should know how much calories we need in a day and how much we need to burn in order to lose that excessive weight. How to lose 40 pounds fast? It takes around 3500 calories to burn one pound. Well I guess you can calculate now on how much calories you need to burn if you want to lose 40 pounds. Thus, the last thing you would want is excess intake of calorie in your diet.

Having said that one should also remember that objective here is not to starve yourself as it would leave you drained of all the energy that is required for you to perform your workout in order to lose those excess 40 pounds. For a healthy functioning of the body, one requires around 1200-1500 calories each day. Here’s a great ytb video about dropping 40 to 80 pounds:

Thus the motto here is to have a Diet Plan “High on Nutrition but Low on Calories.” So here is Diet Plan that would help you to lose 40 pounds and that too in just three months. Follow this simple diet and get what you have always wanted.

How to lose 40 pounds fast – Diet plan for weight loss

You can begin with your day with a healthy cup of green tea or fresh juice is also a very good alternative. For breakfast you can have a portion of egg white along with some brown toast. Another good option can be to have some cereal high on fiber along with some skimmed milk. It is a myth that milk leads to fatness. In fact it becomes even more necessary if you have to work out afterwards.

For lunch you can have a fresh green salad full of healthy veggies. These are great source of vitamins as well as proteins. One general misconception that exists is that potato causes deposition of fats. Well it doesn’t and you can have a small portion of it in the lunch as it is a great source of carbs that gives the requisite energy needed in a day. Fish and chicken are also a great source of protein that can be included in the lunch but should be cooked in a healthy manner. Also you should have only about 200 grams in each meal. Anything above that would lead in overeating. Brown Rice is also a good option for lunch.

For evening crunch you can have some fresh fruits. Again you can pair it up with some green tea with honey or some fresh lime juice. Sugar must be a complete a no in your diet and you should try to substitute with honey as much as possible.

Dinner should be done before it gets dark and around 2-3 hours before you go to sleep. Nothing should be eaten after it gets dark as it would lead to deposition of fats. You can have dinner similar to the lunch just a little less. Again have some fresh green salad . It is very important to have a source of protein in your diet for your body to be healthy. Thus, have something like a bowl of rice or sprouts or some chicken but not more than 150 grams.

Well if you have a hunger crunch in the night have a glass of water or some juice. You should have loads of water each day as well. Apart from the fact that it prevents from overeating, it also helps to improve blood flow and flush toxins out of the body.

Another aspect that is important if you want to know how to lose 40 pounds in three months is to have shorter meals at regular intervals each day. One should have around 5-6 short meals each day. Stick to this diet plan for 3 months and you will lose those extra 40 pounds in no time.