7 Low Calorie Snacks for Losing weight quickly

losing weight quickly snacksWhen it comes to losing weight quickly, one could opt for the unreliable supplements that flood the market to help in weight loss or in a simple and convenient manner, one could make a tweak to their lifestyle and be on their way to getting the best shape that you have always dreamed off.

One way of losing weight quickly for women is watching the snacks that you eat. Not many have low calories but these seven are ideal in your journey. See them below, and then, at the bottom of the article, Watch my video, because I will share with you for FREE, the diet plan to follow for 7 days so that you easily lose 5 pounds.

Eat these 7 snacks daily for losing weight quickly

Non fat yoghurt.

Not only is yoghurt a good source of protein but it also contains good bacteria that are pivotal on maintaining the health of your gut. An ounce of yoghurt contains only 150 calories and also 3 grams of fat and also contains other important components like calcium. To learn some more tips to help you increase your metabolism, watch this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z-nsFre6PXI

Beef Jerky.

An ounce of beef jerky carries about 80 calories and 12 grams of proteins. Not only is this an ideal and healthy snack to get your daily dosage of protein from, but it also extremely low in fat containing only one gram of fat in the same serving. However, be careful since some contain high amounts of sodium therefore you ought to read the label carefully.


Skipping meals is a no-no but what the heck. Most people still skip it anyway. However, instead of skipping the entire meal, a fruit smoothie would be a good substitute. The good thing about smoothies is that they contain as many calories as some of the healthy foods and will keep you full for longer and keep your hands of those risky snacks while keeping the hunger pangs at bay.

Peanut and nut butters.

Time and time again you have heard people that want to lose weight mentioning peanut butter. This is because it is highly reach in protein and has a capability of keeping you full for longer. The best thing about it is that you can even have it on its own but you need to watch the amounts.

Sun flower seeds.

These do not need a lot of introduction when it comes to health. However for the sale of those that might not be aware, they contain about the same nutrients as nuts. Ensure that you pick those that are salt free or those that don’t have the shells as these can diminish the weight loss benefits of the seeds.


The stand out factor that people attempting weight loss should be aware of is that they contain mono unsaturated fats. These are vital in lowering the cholesterol levels and clearing your arteries. Additionally they are uniquely rich in proteins. In other words they also keep you fuller for longer.


Easily one of the most popular snacks is also among the healthiest for those that might want to learn how to lose weight. Popcorns are high in fiber and have quite low numbers in calories. You need to be keen once more and read the packaging since some contain lots of sodium and fats but those that are air popped are the best.

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With these easily accessible snacks, now you know what you need to substitute for that donut or chocolate bar or better yet what to commit yourself to for better weight management and for losing weight quickly.