Will losing weight heal hemorrhoids?

What are hemorrhoids and will I get rid of hemorrhoids if I will lose weight?

Hemorrhoids and weight lossHemorrhoids are described as veins occurring in the rectum. They form right inside the anus and often extrude through the anus, leading to external hemorrhoids that may be quite painful and cause lots of discomfort.

When you happen to experience painful bleeding or burnings after bowel movement, you might be having hemorrhoids or piles. You can watch the video below as it shares a natural hemorrhoids treatment plan.

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Can losing weight heal hemorrhoids?

However, many people have been asking: Will losing weight heal my hemorrhoids? The answer is simple. To reduce your hemorrhoids problem, you should lose weight. This is one of the natural remedies through which you can get rid of the dreadful condition.

Being obese or overweight may contribute to the development of hemorrhoids. The extra pressure that’s placed on the abdomen because of excess pounds as well as waste materials will cause unnecessary pressure to be placed on your anal veins. You should incorporate high fiber foods into the weight loss plan so that you can take the pressure off your body.

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However, one caution is that you should not continually use laxatives to lose weight since this is considered as an unhealthy alternative.

There are a number of exercises you can do to cure the condition. Increasing blood flow to your anal area, may help prevent as well as treat hemorrhoids. Jogging, walking and swimming are also recommended exercises that not only help you lose weight, but also increase circulation of blood. Other exercises include Kegel exercises which work on your pelvic area muscles, helping in strengthening anal muscles. Try also doing yoga exercises.

Hemorrhoids and eating fats

Fats basically take longer to digest as compared to other types of nutrients. Therefore, eating too much of fatty or greasy foods will increase work for the digestive system and this may not only lead to risk of heartburn and stomach pain but also developing hemorrhoids or making them worse.

You should avoid deep-fried foods like fritters, funnel cakes and corn dogs while you are suffering from hemorrhoids. You may also cut the whole fat content of your diet, particularly saturated fat by using less butter or oils, and switching to healthy fat like coconut oil.

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