How I lost my belly and got a flat stomach

If you go to a weight loss forum, you will see that most of the women that discus there have a problem that comes up really often; they all want to know how to lose belly fat as fast as possible, so in this short post I will tell you a little about me and I will let you watch my video in which I share the exact steps to take to get a flat stomach in just a few weeks.

How to get rid of stomach fat fast

how to lose belly fat and reduce love handlesYou see, when I finally realized that I must do something and start losing weight, for the first few weeks I felt like I didn’t lose any weight.

In fact for the first few weeks I almost didn’t eat at all… because I thought that that’s the way to lose fat on stomach. I was really wrong, and that’s why I didn’t lose almost nothing. You see when you do not eat, your body simply gets into starvation mode, and it hangs to each molecule of fat, and almost everything you eat, even a leaf of lettuce is stored as fat…

Anyway, my first 6 months were the worst ever because I only lost 7 pounds. The only good thing that happened is that in those 6 months I spent a lot of time researching for easier ways to boost metabolism and reduce stomach fat.

So after that I started implementing the new weight loss routine that I created and I slowly started to lose weight and reduce my belly fat. In just 4 months and half I lost 70 pounds. It was really amazing, and by the end of the first year after having started, I lost all the extra fat from my body and got myself a flat stomach 🙂

Then, I decided to start helping other women, women who want a quick and easy way to burn belly fat, so I started my website, and in 2 years, my site was visited by over 100.000 women worldwide and I know for sure that at least 20.000 have managed to lose at least 10 pounds because they followed my weight loss tips.

So, if you are determined to lose belly fat, just watch my video below because I will explain you how to lose 2 inches off your waist in 2 months.