How to get rid of stretch marks fast – 9 secret tips and the dermaroller

In this article you will learn how to get rid of stretch marks fast with a dermaroller treatment and with these 9 incredible tips.

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how to get rid of stretch marks fastVisible lines of white and silver that become visible on the surface of the skin of the body primarily in areas of the abdominal wall, upper arms and thighs are called stretch marks. It can frequently spread over a long area of the body.

Although they are not harmful they give a gross appearance and hence people who have stretch marks tend to be concerned about them. Pregnancy is often the prime cause for stretch marks in woman. In addition to pregnancy, stress, heredity factors, rapid weight gain or weight loss can lead to occurrence of stretch marks in both men and women. So. how to get rid of stretch marks fast?

If you have been worrying about stretch marks on your skin too, here are some tips that can help you get rid of them, even if you still have to lose some weight.

How to get rid of stretch marks fast and naturally and my dermaroller

1. Natural sugar

Natural sugar when mixed with few drops of lemon juice and oil becomes a scrub. If you apply this scrub on the stretch marks before you take a bath, it can help in exfoliating the dead skin and thus have a fading effect on the stretch marks.

2. Alfalfa leaves

Eight necessaryamino acids, high protein, vitamin K and vitamin E are present in alfalfa leaves. Together, they work wonders for the health of your skin and restore and enhance body tone. Alfalfa leaves also include antifungal agents which alkalize and detoxify the skin efficiently and acts as an agent to minimize stretch marks, scars, etc. Massage the affected areas regularly with a paste made of alfalfa leaves and few drops of chamomile oil and you will notice visible improvements.

3. Potatoes

Potatoes may be high on carbohydrates, but they contain many minerals and vitamins in their juices which work wonders for the skin and help in refurbishing dead skin cells and are great for stretch mark removal. Rub a slice of potato regularly on the stretch marks area and see the difference on your skin yourself.

4. Egg white

Skin can be rejuvenated wonderfully by applying egg whites as it is high in protein content. Try to apply egg whites regularly on the stretch marks at least three times a day and notice the fading away of ugly stretch marks.

5. Lavender oil

Lavender oil is most commonly used for getting rid of stretch marks. Application of lavender oil on stretch mark area stimulates the growth of new tissues.

6. Apricot scrub

Apricot scrubs exfoliate damaged and dead skin found on the stretch marks area and thus help in toning up the skin and fading the stretch marks in turn.

7. Lemon juice

Lemon juice includes natural acids which when applied on the skin reduces stretch marks visibly. Rub lemon juice on the stretch marks area and wait for 10 minutes before washing it off and see how it works wonders on your skin.

8. Cocoa butter

Cocoa butter works as a remedy so that stretch marks don’t occur during pregnancy as it contains healthy enzymes which protect the skin. It helps to keep your skin toned and hydrated. Application of cocoa butter on the affected areas moisturizes dry skin and helps in warding off stretch marks during pregnancy.

9. Derma rollers:-

derma roller for getting rid of scars AND STRETCH MARKSA little device known as derma roller is also a great remedy for these ugly marks. Usage of the derma roller boosts up the level of elastin and collagen in your skin and fades away stretch marks by exfoliating the dead and damaged tissues present in the skin. To learn more about dermarollers, check this out

Following these above mentioned tips one can help you get rid of the dreadful sight of the stretch marks sooner than you think.

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