How to lose weight in a month following a healthy diet

In summer, every body wants a slim and harmonious body, so here you’ll learn how to lose weight fast in a month . But what happens when many pounds have accumulated on your body and you want to lose weight in short time?

Probably you have wondered many times how to lose weight in a month. Now your question is answered. Surely you already know that the combination between sport and diet is the most useful form to lose weight quickly and healthily. But the secret is to follow a proper diet and do useful exercises. Also you should know that to lose weight fast you have to be highly motivated and not give up diet and exercise after only three days. In order to help you in the fight with extra pounds, I will present you a quick diet that will eliminate those unwanted pounds. Let’s see how to lose weight in a month with a simple diet.

how to lose weight in a month fastThis diet is based on the principles of dissociated nutrition. What means this? Every day eat just one type of food. Without quantitative restrictions (not starving yourself and not give your metabolism over the head) and without depriving your body of essential nutrients , this diet has proven effective in 90% of cases. But how looks this diet and how to lose weight in a month with dissociated food? Here’s a plan for 7 days. After completing the 7 days, the diet is resumed up to your desired results. In one month you can lose about 10-15 pounds, depending on your metabolism.

How to lose weight in a month diet plan

The breakfast is the same every day: half a pomelo, a slice of whole wheat bread and a cup of tea.

Day 1: vegetables

Eat only raw vegetables in the form of salads. It is advisable to eat also leafy vegetables such as lettuce and spinach. The principles of successful weight loss are based on eating fresh veggies!

Day 2: fruits

Eat only fruit, except bananas and grapes. A recommendation would be oranges and figs.

Day 3: dairy products

You can consume any kind of dairy products, but with one condition: to be skimmed.

Day 4: fruits and vegetables

This time you can associate them. Do not forget that vegetables should be raw and bananas and grapes should be avoided.

Day 5: red meat

Finally, you are allowed to eat meat! More specifically, red meat. Take care not to exceed 600 g per day.

Day 6: white meat

This day is also with meat. But this time must be chicken or turkey. White meat has to be baked or boiled. Nothing fried!

Day 7: fish

Fish is very important in the diet so this day is dedicated to fish. Grilled fish is an excellent choice. More tips on losing 30 lbs in 30 days , in here:

Avoid sugar during the diet because it favors the assimilation of fats. Use artificial sweeteners for tea or coffee. Drink tea and pure water. The only spices that are allowed during the diet are salt (as little), lemon and pepper. Do not forget those few minutes a day for exercise.

So now you know how to lose weight in a month. It only remains to be sufficiently motivated. Good luck!