How to lose 70 pounds – my story

My name is Heather and this is my story about how to lose 70 pounds fast, so read it below, and at the end of the article, I have a cool present for you, so read all the way to the end! If you have 70 pounds to lose, watch my video below, as I teach you for FREE, how to lose the first 20 pounds in a month!

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heather how to lose weight fast for women It was not easy for me to do it, and through this article I will also show you a better way to lose weight for women, one that is so much faster and easier, a way to burn fat in your problem areas , but still be able to enjoy the foods you love.

I really wished I knew this new method because it would have been so much easier!

I was 35 years old when I started my weight loss journey, a mother of 2 wonderful children, and I was really worried about my health, about the fact that I was not attractive anymore and sometimes I was even embarrassed to leave the house.

My true big passions are collecting antiques, and lately, since I am so fit, writing for women about health related issues. I spend a few hours a day searching for antiques online or in newspapers. I also love pets. I have a small dog and a turtle which, by the way, both my kids love.

I live in New Hampshire, I have a my own antique store and since my store is on a route where thousand of tourists go by, I have a good business…. As I said before, I have a 2 kids. The small one is 18 months, and the other one is 4 years old.

I am sure that my story about losing 70 pounds will inspire you, so read it below because, even though it’s an embarrassing story, I share it specially to help other women avoid the frustrations that I’ve been through…

During the pregnancy with my first child, something chanced in my metabolism and I used to eat so much (I was always hungry) and I began to accumulate weight, and I gained more than 90 pounds. I had a lot of fat on my body, especially on my belly, thighs and arms… My thighs and arms were so big that I couldn’t wear anything sexy. I hadn’t wore shorts or t-shirts for almost a year.

How to lose 70 pounds fast and how to become sexy again?

how to lose 70 poundsThis became a bigger problem for me when my husband started to look at other women, skinnier than me, and even when we were together he almost behaved like he was embarrassed of me and like he didn’t care at all about me. I was embarrassed about myself and the fact that everybody was considering me an obese woman.

So, I became so desperate and researched everything on how to lose weight. So I tried all kinds of diets, took some diet pills that were suppose to increase my burnings, even starved myself for 2 weeks.

In 6 months I only lost 7 pounds, and somehow my skin became loose. I remembered that that I was terrified at even looking in the mirror. One day I told myself that I will be fat my hole life, probably I will lose my husband….

I was so lucky that a friend recommended me a program that she used and has helped her lose weight and in only 4 months she lost something like 48 pounds or so.

When I started to read the books that come in the program, I realized that it was so different than everything that I have tried before. Then I realized that I was doing a lot of mistakes that were stopping me from losing weight. I understood that if my liver isn’t clean of toxins it can’t metabolize fats and can’t take the toxins out of my body. And because of this reason, no matter how hard I was working in the gym, I only lost 7 pounds in 6 months.

I condensed all my mistakes into an article. Also my daily routine, the one I followed for a few months to lose 70 pounds in 4 and a half months….

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In the first 2 weeks I used to eat mostly salads and grilled chicken. I also started to exercise 3 times per week, for 45 minutes and at the same time keep drinking lots of lemon water. After 2 weeks I was amazed. I had already lost 10 pounds. That’s when I started to really have hope.

In the third week I started to feel great and full of energy. The program tells you exactly what to eat, at what time and what exercises to do for arms, thighs and abdomen so that you burn twice the fat.

One of the most important things I can tell you is that you have to create a routine for yourself that you need to follow every day no matter what. That’s what I did, I wrote down in it all the actions and steps that I have to do daily in order to lose weight. Also, I through away all the junk food from the house….

biotrust for losing weight fastI also took natural dietary supplements (not diet pills), which makes your metabolism faster with 50% in just a few days, called Leptiburn. a source of Omega 3, called Omega Krill and on a daily basis I used to eat ( I still do) Protein Cookies. They contain vital vitamins and I strongly recommend them for the general health and all the women who want to lose weight fast and still stay healthy.

Then I realized, that you need to find a person to be accountable to… what I mean is that you need to report to that person…..So, for me that person was my sister, and  every day after completing my daily routine for losing weight, I use to sms my sister and tell he that it’s all been done. I was a little pressure over my head, but I didn’t want to let my sister down.

Because I was drinking lots of water, and because of some special ingredients I also learned, my skin remained elastic, and not flabby, like in lots of major weight loss cases…..and even now, when I am so skinny, if you look at my skin, there are no signs that I was fat!

I really think that is the best way for losing weight fast for women, and if you want to learn how to burn the fat, the exercises and foods that burn twice the amount of calories (fat) from your belly, arms and thighs, you need to check it! Basically you lose so much weight through boosting your metabolism, but because it’s combined with eating foods, supplements and drinks that burn fat, together with the specific workouts, it will transform your body and make it burn fat like crazy. At least, that’s what happened to me…

How to lose 70 pounds fast – in 4 and half months

I lost almost 70 pounds in the first 4 and half months and it was not difficult, I was able to eat healthy, didn’t have to starve myself…. I just created a daily routine and followed it, and now I look great! Leave me your email so I can send you my daily routine, so that you can follow it too and lose the extra fat you have on your body!

how to lose 70 pounds fast

me, now!

Slowly my husband became a part of this transformation, we started to connect again, he started to support me in everything that I do, we started to do more things together with our family and since now I am skinny and sexy, slowly the relation that I have with him has become, just incredible…..

I have never looked better. At least this is my opinion, and now, I can wear bikini at the beach and  sexy outfits or sleeveless shirts if I want to without feeling embarrassed that my thighs or arms are too big.

My husband became a little jealous one of the last days, because we were out at the beach and a few men smiled at me a few times. I am so happy! And in order to be able to help other women become sexy and healthy, I created this website.

The photo on the above was taken a few days ago, and as you can see the transformation was huge. In total I lost something like 90 pounds, 2 inches from my arms and almost 5 from my thighs in about a year, just because I stuck with my daily routine and with my new healthy habits.

After this my life completely changed…. I became so happy and filled with confidence. This is when I decided to make a website where I share my story, in order to help women learn how to lose 70 pounds or more.

If I did it, you can do it too! Also you will have my full support and since I went through this, listen to my advices and ask for my support if you get stuck or need help..

 My a-ha moment that helped me lose over 70 pounds in 4 months

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The most important thing for you right now is to see immediate results, because this will boost your confidence and help you lose more weight in the future.

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If you enjoyed my story about how to lose 70 pounds fast or you have questions, please comment!

how to lose 70 pounds fast