How to look younger, slimmer and sexier in under two minutes?

The power of color is greatly underestimated but it is so important. Wearing the right colors for you will instantly make you look slimmer, more youthful, make the whites of your eyes look whiter and minimize the appearance of blemishes.

How to have a young face with a dermaroller?

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It’s amazing how such a simple change in clothes, make up and accessories can have such a dramatic

The colors that suit you aren’t just random and it’s not necessarily true that wearing bright colors will make you look healthier or you can’t wear orange because you have red hair etc. That bright red dress that makes your friend look fabulous might not work on you and could completely wash you out. The colors and shades that suit you depend on your hair, skin and eye color and tone, which may be totally different to many of your friends and family.

Your best colors will really lift your appearance and make you look healthier and sexier no matter how you are feeling. When we feel down about ourselves we often stick to greys, black and beige clothes, which only keep you in that negative cycle and feeling down about yourself. You don’t need to dress up each day or make a huge effort to really see the benefits. Even sports clothes and basic t-shirts in the right colors will really lift you.

71265__Wear-jeans-that-have-a-boot-or-flare-cutThere is absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain. When you feel better about yourself on the outside, your confidence will soar and you’ll see the impact spreading to other areas of your life. Having been through issues myself, feeling very self-conscious and lacking confidence, I know what an impact even a small boost in confidence has. When I had my colors done and started making changes to what I wore, it really did make a difference.

Just a simple change of colors can make such a difference! You can look like you lost 20 pounds !

After seeing a few good quality photos, Emma Pengelly can send you a leaflet containing information about all your best colors for clothes, accessories and make up. All this information, which can drastically change how you look and feel about yourself, is available for just $18. If you decided to go to a stylist or have color analysis, you’d be looking at paying ten times that amount – sometimes more! Emma Pengelly  will send you your leaflet quickly and be available to answer any questions.

If you wanted a more personalized session to talk more in depth about colors, styles or advice on special occasions, work wear or other areas, she can also offer Skype sessions followed by a more personalized report.

Please contact her via email: or visit her website at to find out more. She looks forward to hearing from you soon!