How to get rid of acne scars with a derma roller and a few other tricks

Here’s how to get rid of acne scars quickly with the help of a dermarolling treatment, so go ahead and watch the video below first!

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A severe acne that is not properly cared affects the depth layers of the skin, destroying collagen and elastin and leaving scars. These scars are unsightly and definitely you want to get rid of them quickly. Here are some safe ways by which you can get rid of acne scars. Modern medicine offers several solutions in this regard.

Ways to get rid of acne scars fast

The first solution is laser treatment. This intensified beam of light can eliminate the scar tissue inside the dermis and stimulate the regeneration of the skin at the same time, by forming a new healthy tissue! The results are very good and fast. After the treatment, it is important that the treated tissue to be covered with a special cream. It is forbidden: sun exposure, tanning and self tanning lotions. The make-up is allowed after 3 days! A big disadvantage is the high price of such a procedure.

Acne scar correction also can be done by inject-able treatment. The injectable substances are often used to fill those deep scars. The substance used for this purpose is hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is identical in the tissues of all living beings. An allergy test is not necessary. It is a quick acne scars treatment but has some drawbacks. Hyaluronic acid injections cause temporary pain and can produce small hematomas. It is also necessary to repeat the injection from time to time.

derma roller to get rid of acne scarsDermaroller treatment is that procedure increasingly used to treat skin conditions by stimulating collagen production.Studies have shown that the dermaroller gives results comparable to laser or chemical peels, but without a long period of recovery and it’s less expensive! Learn more about how to get one for less than $12, here

A derma roller does not affect the epidermis (top layer of skin) as it happens in the case of laser treatment. In addition, derma rollers have no side effects and can be used on all skin types. In brief, it is the fastest and most effective way to get rid of scars caused by acne. The treatment is painless and the results appear in a few days. It is necessary for women’s health.

Scars may be also removed by using some special creams prepared in the laboratory or by applying silicone patches. The big disadvantage is that the acne scars will disappear in a long time. This is a long procedure and the results can be good if the patient has the necessary patience.

Scars vary in shape, color, size, appearance, texture, elasticity, etc.. For any form of treatment, consult your doctor. Together you will determine the best method of get rid of acne scars.