Foods that help prevent overeating

Do you a problem with overeating and you are wondering how to stop food addiction? Then this is just the article for you. Hunger is the natural way that the body tells you that you need energy and therefore eat something.

However overeating is not really due to hunger as you might be tempted to think. Overeating or binge eating is actually a disorder whereby someone consumes too much food and he or she is unable to stop the eating habit. If you have this problem you should stop feeling pity for yourself, you need treatment for binge eating.The symptoms below will enable to determine if you are suffering from this disorder and if you can lose weight.

Main Symptoms of Binge eating

Frequent scenarios of overeating where you feel completely powerless to stop it

Feeling guilty or ashamed after overeating.

You do not feel the urge to make up for your overeating either through vomiting ,exercising or fasting.

Eating even when you are feeling full.

Feeling a tension or stress that you can only get rid of through eating.

Lack of satisfaction no matter how much food you take.

Overeating leads to obesity which in turn leads to many other health disorders such as diabetes and hypertension just to name a few. Apart from health disorders obesity can also have a great impact on the victim socially and especially for women.

What to eat to prevent yourself from overeating

Eating is crucial for survival so if you have been wondering what foods prevent women from overeating the list below gives you that answer:






How to overpower Binge eating

Manage stress properly seek help if you can’t do it yourself.

Eat three meals a day and try sticking to the schedule avoid skipping meals plus take only healthy snacks in between.

Avoid dieting as this triggers even more craving food craving.

Exercise regularly to help you relieve stress and tension at the same time help you to reduce weight.

Get enough sleep

Overcome boredom by visiting a friend , taking a walk , reading etc. instead of eating .

Apart from all the above it is also important to seek professional help in order to successful overcome emotional eating, so I recommend you watch the video below!