If you are thinking of how to lose weight in a month, then you are on the right path to maintaining good health. The maintenance of good health isn’t only about eating healthy (which is of utmost importance), but also about exercising, avoiding harmful substance and habits.

The benefits of maintaining good health are seen in your physical, mental and emotional state, regardless of age, sex or location. What are these benefits?

  • Disease prevention

The right diet and exercise are great for prevention of many diseases and health conditions, especially cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, certain types of cancer, high blood pressure, stroke and high cholesterol. When you make the right health choices, your body feels it’s effect and your immune system is empowered to fight diseases and infections.

  • Weight control

If you are wondering how to lose 30 pounds in 30 days, then you must know that a healthy lifestyle is one way to get to your destination. Healthy choices about food are a great way to lose weight, but exercise (no matter how little) is equally important. This is why you need to make health-conscious choices about your activities such as driving, taking the elevator etc, to turn them into opportunities for exercise.

So instead of driving the short distance to the grocery store, you should consider walking, instead of taking the elevator (especially when you are not in a hurry) you take the stairs and pace while you take calls rather than sit. These may seem insignificant, but they are small and useful ways to get your body to do some physical activities to help promote blood flow.

  • Energy boosting

Healthy diet and exercise supplies oxygen and nutrients (body fuel) to tissues to enhance body activities, muscle strength and boost endurance or stamina. If you constantly feel tired and lack the energy to go about your activities, then it’s time to improve your lifestyle in a healthy way.

  • Mood enhancement and improvement

If you work-out, this won’t be new. Healthy lifestyle like exercise stimulates Endorphins (brain chemicals) which makes you feel happy and relaxed. More so, maintaining good health boosts confidence and self-esteem, because you will look great and proud of your body,  it also reduces stress, helps improve sleep (which means you will be less irritable) and cognitive function.

  • Chances of longer life

Longevity is a long-term benefit of maintaining good health. As you work out to lose 30 pounds in a month, remember that longevity is one more reason to make the effort. Since healthy choices prevent diseases or infections, boosts the immune system and keeps you stronger and happy, it is a great way to live longer and prevent premature death.

If you hope to live longer and enjoy life better than most people, keep making healthy choices.