9 Proven Tricks to Lose Weight Fast for Women

In this article you will learn how to lose weight fast for woman and the 9 proven  weight loss  tricks you must follow You will learn how to boost your metabolism and how to make your metabolic rate up to 2000 calories per day without having to kill yourself in the gym, instead of only 1400 (what your metabolic rate is right now ). At the end of the article, I have an amazing ebook which will teach you how to shed 23 pounds of pure body fat in just 21 days!

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The secret of being able to lose weight fast and easy is to have a fast metabolism, so that if normally your body consumes around 1400-1500 calories in one day (your metabolic rate), you must make it burn over 2000-2500 calories per day. When you add the calories that you burn through a workout, you can burn close to 2800 calories in 1 day.

Losing weight can’t get easier than that, so from now on, a fast metabolism should be your main goal!

How I lost weight and increased my metabolism

weight loss success stories 6 keys how to lose weight fast - meFirst, you need to know that I managed to lose a lot of weight, over 70 pounds in 4 months, by using the same tricks you’ll see below. So make sure you read them and start implementing them today!

After having lost so much weight, I started to read books on the topic of fat loss, I went to seminars and nutrition courses, and then I started to tell my story and give other women my weight loss tips. So far, over 30.000 women worldwide, have lost fat following my tips, and using the 9 Principles I share BELOW,  you can boost your metabolism and lose weight so much easier.  In fact, you can easily lose 1 pound per day, and almost 30 pounds in a month if you follow them precisely!

The 9 Tricks you must follow to lose weight fast

1. To lose weight fast you need a daily caloric deficit

weight loss success stories key 1 daily caloric deficitA daily caloric deficit means that your body will consume more calories in a day than the amount of calories you take in from your diet. For example, if you eat a diet of 1400 calories per day (from foods and juices), you do a workout every day which burns 400 calories and your metabolic rate is 2000 calories per day, your daily calorie deficit is 1000 calories (1400 -2000-400 => 1000 calories deficit).

So, from now on focus on this. All women who have managed to lose weight have based their success on having a daily calorie deficit, and this is the only way to burn fat in your body.

2. To lose weight fast, you must drink a lot of water, over 2-3 liters per day

lemon water to lose weight fastWater is essential for weight loss, and if you go and ask the women that have lost a lot of weight, they will all tell you that they used to drink at least 3 liters of water each day.

My recommendation is to squeeze a few lemons inside, this way your body will also get a lot of vitamins. Water will clean your body of toxins, will detoxify your liver and colon, and will help you reduce bloating and reduce your hunger.

So, starting tomorrow morning, squeeze 3 lemons, mix them with 3 liters of water, and drink half liter first thing. You can even prepare the mix tonight, so that tomorrow morning you only have to drink it.

Remember: first thing you do when you wake up is  to drink half liter of the lemon water!

3. Do a morning workout every day!

weight loss for women workout every morningDoing a morning workout is one of the best things you can do for your body, especially if you want to lose weight. Because your body has the fastest metabolism in the morning, doing a 20 minutes workout, right after you wake up, boosts metabolism and gives you more energy throughout the day!

You start with a general worm up of about 3 minutes, then do 5 sets of5 burpees, 10 pushups, 20 squats, 20 lunges, 30 abdominal crunches and 50 jumpin jacks. Do each of these 5 times, try to accelerate, and do these exercises in a very intense rhythm.

This is a trick that if you do starting tomorrow, will help you lose so much weight without having to do another workout in the afternoon, so do it! And please share your questions or comments at the bottom of the post and share this article on Facebook and Google + or Twitter, so that all your friends can read it!

After a while, when you get strong, you can do some of these exercises, like the squats, lunges and jumping jacks with 1 pound weights in your arms.

4. To burn more fat on your trouble spots use a massager brush

weight loss success principle 1 massage brushI am not sure, but nobody speaks about this magic fat loss trick, but if you will use it, you will too reduce fat on your trouble spots like arms, thighs, hips and stomach area.

Massaging your trouble spots with the massage brush, breaks down fat deposits and increases blood flow in those areas.  I put coconut oil on my skin before and after the massage. Using a cellulite brush is also a great way to get rid of cellulite or at least reduce it!

If you follow a diet plan like the one I share below, and stay active most of the day, you will see your trouble spots having less and less fat and you will become sexier than ever!

You can buy a massage brush from Amazon. I got mine for less than $15. This is the link I used, ==>http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00M97QUQU so check it out! It is really worth the price and the sellers from Amazon have a no questions asked money back guarantee and a few great ebooks and diet plans as bonuses, so you have nothing to lose 🙂

5. Fix your water retention by replacing table salt with marine salt

sea salt for reducing water retention in fast weight lossRegular table salt is filled with chemicals and it will cause bloating and weight gain. If you want to lose weight, you must replace all salt with marine salt, which is filled with minerals, nutrients and it is natural.

If you will do this today, you can start seeing results in a few days, you will feel lighter, and your belly fat will be reduced very fast! Not to mention the fact that you will see big movements on the scale, as “bad water” weights a lot!

This is another weight loss successful stories trick, so be sure you do it and share it with your friends and family.

6. Follow a weight loss diet plan of 1200-1400 calories per day

1200-calorie-weight loss diet planEating a weight loss diet plan of 1200 -1400 calories is the most important thing you can do if you want to lose weight fast!

The key is to take all your carbs from fresh veggies and fruits, to consume a lot of proteins. For fats, to go for coconut oil. Split the 1200 -1400 calories through 6-7 meals, and try to consume over 50 % of your food intake before 2 p.m.. If you are able to do this, you will accelerate your burnings and you will become really fit!

There are 2 ingredients that you must consume every day, so that your body burns more fat: coconut oil – 1 tea spoon per day and cinnamon.

I know that eating only 1200 calories per day is easier said than done, because you get hungry very often and you have lots of cravings. So, I recommend something to help you.

garcinia cambogia, appetite suppressant, best natural appetite suppressant, best weight loss pills, how to lose weight fast, dietary supplementI used to and still take Garcinia Cambogia. Why? Because it suppresses appetite, increases energy level and boosts metabolism. I read about research that proved that Pure Garcinia Cambogia Extract blocks the enzymes that transform calories into fat, and instead they transform them into energy.

There are many Garcinia Cambogia products, and mostly are really low quality, are not 100% natural and have only 1000 mg per serving and that’s why they don’t work for weight loss.

However, the one I take is natural 100%, made in an US facility, that is FDA approved, it was around $25 and I bought it from Amazon.

I was really happy with it, and that’s why even now I take them, cause I feel great, have lots of energy, helps me control my cravings and has a lot of other health benefits. Check them out on Amazon, in this link TO GET 60% off! ==> http://amazon.com/gp/product/B00U5YWNLU

7. Stay Active throughout the Day

BeActive to lose weight fastAre you an active person? Studies have shown that active people burn in average 300 more calories per day compared to people who are not active and who spend most of their day behind a desk. You might say that 300 calories is not that much, however if you are overweight, if you can burn an additional 300 calories per day, in 1 year you will have lost over 31 pounds, almost without any effort. So, again I ask you, IS IT WORTH IT?

Here’s what you must do to be considered as an active person:

  • walk to work; even if you live far away from work and you usually drive to work, take the buss and walk a few blocks.
  • wash the dishes by hand instead of having them done with the wash machine
  • walk to your favorite restaurant for your lunch or have it in the park
  • vacuum your house twice every week
  • climb the stairs instead of taking the elevator
  • take dancing lessons 3 times per week, as this will make your blood moving and it’s really fun 🙂
  • go for a 10 minutes jogging every evening with your friends or for a walk. If it is cold outside, take some worm clothes.

So, far your learned the first 7 principles to boost metabolism . If you do Principle 1 to 7, and make them a habit in your lifestyle, you should easily have a metabolic rate of 2000 calories each day, however the last 2 principles are the most powerful of all, and if you implement them in your life, you can easily lose 20 pounds in a month!

So, are you interested in the last 2 and the most important principles? YES? THEN, KEEP READING!

8. Stop overeating, binge eating and control your sugar cravings

how to stop binge eating disorderIn a study done on over 10.000 women over the age of 35, when asked what is the # 1 reason why they struggle to lose weight, 9 out of 10 said that it is their craving, overeating or binge eating that stops them.

In fast 70% of these women said that they can follow a diet plan for 5-6 days on a row, and then, because of a strong urge to eat they consume over 3000 calories at one meal, destroying all the 5 days effort.

The truth is that your brain is simply wired to overeat! You know that this is true. I am 100 % sure that this is true. Do you eat certain foods even though you are not really hungry? If YES, this means you are somehow addicted to food, and unless you cure your food addiction, no matter how hard you will work to lose weight, you will struggle!

This is where Garcinia Cambogia comes to help, cause is suppresses appetite and reduces sugar and carbs cravings.

However, you are really lucky, because I have just created a new video in which I explain in detail what you must do to stop overeating and control your cravings FOREVER! You can watch it below!

9. Increase the levels of the hormone “Leptin” to increase metabolism

leptinBefore you continue, please ask yourself these 5 questions:

  • Do you find it hard to stick to a diet plan?
  • Do you crave for particular foods even though you know they make you fat? Feel like eating them even if you are not hungry?
  • Are you overweight?
  • Do you feel tired most of the time?
  • Do you feel like snacking, especially in the night time?

If the answer is YES for at least 3 of the questions above, this means that you have Leptin issues. Leptin is a hormone generated by the fat cells from your body and it regulates the amount of fat that gets stored in the body and your energy level.

In other words, Leptin is the way your fat cells communicate with your brain about how much energy is available and when you should eat or not. If your Leptin signal are working properly, than you have high energy and you are almost never hungry. That’s why almost all thin women forget to eat 🙂

The problem is that for most overweight women, their brain gets Leptin resistant, which means that IT NO LONGER can stop you from over eating or give you enough energy. I am pretty sure that this is your case as well, and that’s why you answered with YES at the 5 questions above.

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Hope this article answered the question: How to lose weight fast for women? And you also learn the 9 principles of all weight loss success stories. Please leave your comments below!

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If you will follow the keys of all weight loss success stories shared in here and my 9 weight loss tips, you will see that you will be able to lose weight easier. Another thing I recommend, is to find some before and after weight loss photos and get inspired, so that every day you have a goal to aspire to.